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Biography of Marie Grosholz (Madame Tussaud)

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Treść: Marie Grosholz was born in Strasbourg, France, on December 16, 1761. Her father, a soldier, was killed in a battle during the Seven Years War, only two months before her birth. For the first five years of her life, Marie grew up in Berne with her mother-a widow, who worked as a housekeeper for Marie's uncle - Dr Philippe Curtius. I think, her live was hard and difficult, because her mother had a lot of work and didn't have time for daughter. I don't know I could live like this.
Dr Curtius taught Marie, how to model in wax. I think, at first, that was a great fun.
Soon, Marie and her mother moved with Doctor Curtius to Paris, where he founded his own wax museum. I suppose, Marie hesitated before moving to Paris, because she didn't want to leave her friends.
Dr Curtius acted as a tutor to Marie, schooling her in the techniques of wax portraiture and casting. She met many famous people, among them were Francois Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin and Jean Jacques Rousseau. In this way, she gained experience.
Curtius' exhibition was so successful it became patronised by the French royal family. It was not long before Marie's talent became apparent and she was invited to the royal court to assist in the artistic education of King Louis XVI's sister, Madame Elizabeth.
Since 1780 she worked, as an art Teacher for her. I consider it was a great honour for Marie Grosholtz.
In 1789, after the revolution started, Dr Curtius moved Marie to Paris once again.
During the French Revolution, Marie and her mother were imprisoned and almost lost their live. They sharing a cell with Josephine de Beauharnais, who later became the Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte
Marie was made to take death masks from the heads of famous people, who had been guillotined, including King Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette. I think, that was horrible. I wouldn't do something like that. She was very daring and patient.
In 1794, Curtius died and Marie inherited the business, which had grown under her influence. I think, that it was a big responsibility.
In the next year she married an engineer, Francois Tussaud, and by 1800 she had two sons and a daughter, which died. I reckon that it was terrible blow of her.
France was still suffering enormous deprivation and Marie's exhibition was struggling to survive. In 1802 Marie Tussaud made decision. She left her husband and baby son, Francis, in Paris, while she and her elder son, Joseph, would tour were travelly with exhibition round the British Isles. That was great a sacrifice on the part of her.
Marie was to see neither France and her husband again. She spent the next 33 years travelling the British Isles, exhibiting her growing collection of figures. During this time Francis, who had been looked after by Madame Tussaud's mother in France. When, in 1826, Madame Grosholtz died, Francis joined his mother and brother on the road in Britain.
In 1822 a ship carrying the exhibition to Ireland was wrecked; fortunately, however, most of the figures were saved.
The travels ended in 1835, when Madame Tussaud's exhibition found a permanent home.
She died, on April 16, 1850, at the age of 89.

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